Text Box: Tribal Pacifica is far more than just another home wares or gift and art gallery. All items sold by Tribal Pacifica are genuine artifacts and arts crafted by indigenous people through out the Pacific and Papua New Guinea.  
Empowering Indigenous Communities
The people behind Tribal Pacifica understand very well the problems facing indigenous communities as they struggle for daily survival and the upholding of their ethic identity in a rapidly changing world.  The directors of Tribal Pacifica; one an indigenous Banaban Pacific Islander and the other an Australian with 15 years experience in aid and cultural projects in the Pacific region are both passionate about the aims of Tribal Pacifica.
The cultural identities of these communities are reflected in the inherited cultural skills and workmanship which has been passed down over the centuries. Tribal Pacifica offers a show case for these beautiful and unique ancient skills which are true works of arts. Each item is personally hand made and not mass produced. 
Tribal Pacifica aims at empowering these communities to help themselves and value their hard work and skills that make all the items unique.
Tribal Pacifica also aims at developing bonds between these indigenous communities and customers through out western societies.  We believe it is important to put a human face on our products and know the people behind our merchandise. 
Tribal Pacifica truly reflects these communities and the art from the land theybelong…


The Tribal Pacifica Gallery has now moved to our warehouse at 7 Davo Circuit, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Australia.

Tribal Pacifica stocks a wide and varied range of unique items and artifacts from indigenous craftsmen throughout Papua New Guinea and other Pacific Islands.

Tribal Pacifica's range of contemporary paintings and artwork from Papua New Guinea reflects the colour and vibrancy of this culturally rich and diverse nation.

Tribal Pacifica also offers a range of Traditional  medicines that have been used by indigenous peoples throughout the centuries.


Tribal Pacifica can arrange to ship your goods back home or assist with packaging your items as 'carry on luggage'.

All items sold by Tribal Pacifica have gone through stringent Australian Quarantine and Customs processing and clearances.

All Papua New Guinea articles have been legally acquired and exportation licenses granted to Tribal Pacifica by the appropriate P.N.G. authority.

We look forward to meeting you.  The next time you are in Surfers Paradise drop by and say hello!

Ken & Stacey

and all the team at Tribal Pacifica